What are the best apps for Social Management?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Got lots of posts to manage and not enough time?

After using many different applications over the years, we believe that we have found one of the best apps going for managing and scheduling Instagram and Facebook posts!

@planoly is completely FREE to download and although there are paid features, the free features allow anyone to log in through Instagram to organise and schedule future posts. Paid features also include managing Facebook posts simultaneously.

Planoly also has a sister app called StoriesEdit which has ready-made story layouts and designs ready for anyone to use. Although not entirely editable, you can change colours, add shapes and also fully customise it using your own text. It also provides categories and collections for different purposes that allows you to create not just one story, but a selection of consistent and visually impressive stories that can be added to your highlights. This is one of the best apps that makes it super easy to create high-quality stories quickly and effectively.

UNUM is also an amazing app to use if you are conscious of making your Instagram feed consistent and giving it that visual 'wow' factor. The app is set up as a dashboard with several boards for different Instagram accounts, making it easy to manage more than one account. After selecting a board, the easy navigation allows you to drag, swap and edit imagery so that your Instagram is fully organised for the foreseeable future - I don't know about you but that sounds fab to us!! New app features also allow edits of Instagram stories and the use of existing templates which have already been created to a high standard.

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