The 🔑 to Successful Branding

What is even more important than having a strong and unique logo?

That you create a brand that you love and will never get bored of seeing.

There's no reason why you can adapt it in the future, but try and keep your logo the same over several years- take Coca Cola as an example.

Often, having a primary logo which offers a contemporary and clean design style in addition to having a more illustrative and creative secondary logo is a really good way of having the best of both worlds when it comes down to branding.

Consistency is absolutely the best next thing that you can do. Show your branding off with everything you do and make it recognisable and associated with your brand

across all channels.

What is a Branding Pack?

Branding Packs can help specify marketing and branding detail about the way that a business will represent themselves. Large companies are typically much stricter when it comes down to following brand guidelines, however, it's also an invaluable tool for small businesses to have for their socials or if they are planning on having someone run or design things for them.

Branding packs typically contain things such as logo usage, Colour palettes, typography, tone, imagery influence, logo clear space and many more, but these can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


TOP TIP- Put your watermark (logo in PNG format) on all your imagery.

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