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Making The Most Of Christmas Marketing For Your Brand

As we enter the final month of the year and the countdown to Christmas fully kicks into gear the opportunity to bring in trade and traffic for this festive period is at its peak and if you haven’t already done so now is the time to take advantage of the benefits that can come with creating festive-themed marketing material for your brand.

With John Lewis continuing to lead the way when it comes to the anticipation and mass-hype of their yearly Christmas advert it seems that brands from all sectors have increasingly upped the game with a mixture of big-budget traditional tv ads and social media campaigns suggesting that when it comes to generating exposure during this festive season you have to be in it to win it.

Our Top Tips for Festive Marketing:

Aim For Audience Connection:

When it comes to branding and marketing thinking outside the box and trying something new and exciting is often encouraged with this time of year being no exception, it can however be understood that the most successful Christmas advertising generates an emotional reaction and connection with mass audiences which is something to consider when creating marketing material. How can your brand engage with it’s customers? Think tradition and familiarity. Consider how the content you produce can conjure up feelings of excitement and warmth with its audience to both gather and retain attention.

Consider Your Competitors:

During the month of December it is certainly impossible to avoid some form of Christmas advertising whether this be on the radio, social media or during the ad breaks of your favourite TV show, because of this it is important to consider where you wish to position yourself amongst your competitors in terms of what and where you distribute your festive material. Do you want to follow a similar pattern or do you want to move in the opposite direction and differentiate your brand from the rest?

Ensure Not To Lose Your Brand Identity:

Although you may want to focus on creating content that embodies the spirit of Christmas and channels the traditions and customs that your audience can get excited by it is important not to lose sight of your brand image and identity, regardless of the outlet you choose the key purpose of creating said content is to promote your company and in turn generate more business.

To summarise, we feel that the Christmas period can be the perfect opportunity for your brand to draw engagement and awareness through the use of festive themed marketing with the potential to work across both traditional and new media in a market full of Christmas content. Consider the results you want to achieve through this material whether that be new sales or simply increased brand visibility and really have fun with applying some Christmas cheer!

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