• Amy Hubbard

Facebook Ads: Are They Really Worthwhile for Small Businesses?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

As marketeers, we often get asked the best way to advertise on a budget. When it comes down to advertising, determining what stage you are currently at with your business will allow you to establish a clear end goal and market appropriately.

There are three main points we ask our clients to consider when thinking about ways to advertise:

1.Firstly, how established is your brand at the moment? Are you a new or existing brand?

2. Secondly, what is your main aim for the promotion? Is it to simply increase the awareness of your brand or maybe it’s to generate more website traffic resulting in more enquiries?

3. Last but not least, what is your end goal?

By establishing these three vital points it will be much easier to succeed in reaching your end goal.

As one of the most popular and commonly used social media platforms we believe that Facebook is a great tool for small business and can really help to raise the awareness of your brand. If you’re just starting out, using Facebook Ads manager to target a relevant audience can help capture the attention of potential customers through pushing your brand name into the market whilst also giving you full control over budget and purpose.

Maybe you are an already well established business that could still benefit from the success of using Facebook Ads. This is when as an agency we ask our clients to really consider their next goal. Is it to increase market share, website traffic or even gain more enquiries? Whatever the desired outcome we recommend creating online sponsored competitions that have the ability to generate high engagement rates and in turn have the potential to lead to successful sale conversions.

In short we believe that whatever the business, and whatever the scale, Facebook Ads Manager has the capacity to elevate and help promote your brand in a simple and effective manner particularly if you have a specific audience you intend target. With the correct planning and by ensuring focus of your brand’s end goal and desired outcome this tool could make all the difference to the way in which your brand reaches it’s audience!

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